Samer Khouzami is a self-made makeup artist. At an early age he felt a deep unknowing passion for art.
He had an innate sense that allowed him to effortlessly visualize the beauty
in everything he saw. He graduated with a degree in graphic design.
in the hopes of gaining practice in the world of design. Soon enough, he shifted into the vast world of make-up. Being raised in a family that had no link to art. Samer Khouzami sought inspiration in the closest people. He iconized his mother, she became his muse.

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" Makeup is a true art, you have a responsibility as an artist to sculpt and enhance a woman’s personality, this is how you highlight her beauty. I love working on women with strong personalities, women who have had an impact on their society, their careers, their families. Now is the time to reach all these women even if i can’t do so personally. By launching the Samer Khouzami line of cosmetics, my hope is to reach and empower women all over the world and play a small part in their journey to keep on creating their impact. "

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it’s all about art

I am divine feminine. } I am the supreme level of feminine expression. I am mystical, magical, powerful and sacred in all my glory and greatness. This is me. I bring the balance, the renewal, and the revival. I am the intuition, the creativity, the love and the compassion. I am piece of the puzzle to complete, to reform, to renew. I am the Divine Collection.

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Our courses are designed for all levels, whether it be advanced training, for beginners or auto makeup! Our methods of teaching are unique and we make sure that our classes are private “one on one” to ensure our students get the right amount of attention from our tutors.
Our courses are mainly intensive short courses because we understand how time can be valuable. In this short time interval, we have put together our courses in a way that you will pick up a lot in a short space of time.

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Maison Samer Khouzami

Maison Samer Khouzami was established in lebanon in 2011 and caters to the fashion elite a wide range of beauty services. From make-up to hair care and spa services, maison Samer Khouzami is the “point-de-repaire” for every woman seeking to become the best that she can be. We are a luxury boutique for makeup and hair located in the heart of beirut. Lead by its founder, Samer Khouzami, maison Samer Khouzami is made up of some of the best and most sought-after stylists the city has to offer. We invite you to let us create a custom look that's just for you.

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Lebanon, Beirut , Ain El Tineh
00961 3 547 776
00961 1 788 790
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