About Us


The man behind the brand

Samer Khouzami is a self-made makeup artist.
At an early age he felt a deep unknowing passion for art.
He had an innate sense that allowed him to effortlessly visualize the beauty
In everything he saw. he graduated with a degree in graphic design.

In the hopes of gaining practice in the world of design. soon enough, he shifted into the vast world of make-up. being raised in a family that had no link to art. Samer Khouzami sought inspiration in the closest people. he iconized his mother, she became his muse. only to understand what timeless beauty means. he highlighted beauty in every woman he saw. using the incredible transformative power of make-up to make women around the world feel and look as beautiful. that led to be a master in contouring and transformations, using his strokes, tools, brushes and talent…

Within no time samer’s career as a make-up artist picked up. with a lot of persistence and patience he polished his name and left his prints, not only on faces but in hearts. sought after by celebrities, magazines and a wide base of clientele, samer ventured into a unique business endeavor. he launched his workshop tours globally. from the united states to australia and everything in between. visiting more than 35 destinations and over 3860 certificates distributed. his first tour was in 2014 “the ultimate beauty tour”, 2015 “the Samer Khouzami dream tour”, 2016 “make it real tour” and finally 2017 “the finale world tour”. with sold out seats and year- round full bookings, Samer Khouzami has established himself as a leading renowned make-up artist. aiming to spread his knowledge and expertise in the beauty industry unto those who seek it.

Furthermore, he became a phenomenon on social media. with over 2 million followers devoted from around the world. samer became a make-up guru.
Khouzami gathered his experience and merged it with international expertise not only to launch his very own set of make-up brushes but also expanded by turning his talent into a brand and a whole product line.

Years of creating