Campaign 2014

It has been said that beauty only Shines from the Heart Everything changed when i first laid my eyes on her face... her beauty was the inspiration the created SK feeding my soul with a will for becoming more than just a makeup artist.

Living the reality is the becoming of everything. I accepted mine by creating my own destiny.

Well, beauty cannot be measured, it doesn't fit on a scale. My mission is to prove that every woman is perfect in her own way. It is not only about merging colors with the skin, it is my perception of the perfect imperfection: make up is simply magic. I refused to conform, i still consider the present only a path to what lies ahead. My passion is for tomorrow and the future. I am always planning for my next tour, next look, next step. Being the first makeup artist touring worldwide is a huge responsibility. But reaching this phase is a combination of hard work mixed with risk taking while creating opportunities. The brand wasn't born easily, it is the result of a will turning errors into a ladder and every trial was a step onward. rise to the challenge, it will only make the brand stronger. The SK brushes collection is only the beginning of many achievements yet to come. I have no desire in reaching the stars, my dream is going beyond them.

Campaign 2015

What is perfection? Is it acceptance of the normal? The clear, the beauty in things untouched? What is perfection? if unperfected by the human touch of elegance and soul Is it the makeup we wear to face the world, is it what we have, what we make or what we become?

Some dreams are too glamorous to be anything but real.I am the dream.

I have crossed the lines between dreams and reality who said that ultimate beauty cannot be reached.When I am in the spot light all that it allows you to see is the shiny skin the perfect features, The power of style We are not meant to live alone to be alive is to share To share is to be able to bring out the best in yourself and the others I have chosen the perfection of being complete With him I am perfect I have a face to face the world Only him has seen my face is the true light SK the soul behind the image

Campaign 2016

Beauty Is sometimes given Most times made It is best when it shakes your faith It is strongest when it brings you peace It is eternal when it builds up confidence

You are beautiful, Have faith and surrender to the artist

you Close your eyes and imagine the moment when all eyes are on you The moment when you are pure as water As giving as a creator As dangerous as a hunter As wild as you have never been before… Discover the frontiers of your true self What will you sacrifice to become complete? I say it’s possible to be more than ordinary I say it is time to create your moments to shine I say now is the moment to conquer all Now is the moment to be beautiful SK brings out the beauty in you SK Immortalizing the moment, daring to be YOU.

Campaign 2017

“2017 will witness the launch of our brand, and we will start with ‘The Divine Collection’, because that is what women are still missing as tools, to create effortless beauty. Not only by using the product but also by having the SAMER KHOUZAMI experience.”

Signature Samer Khouzami