Get a 1-minute Instagram Tutorial to add to your portfolio!
How makeup looks in real life is therefore to keep aside in this course. Nowadays, with high-definition video used everywhere along with flash and lighting are highly important to be considered. Here we see that applying makeup for photos and videos is really distinctive.
With the rise of high-definition being used almost everywhere, viewers are able to see closer the face, so good makeup is becoming a must for both men and women.
This course is conducted in a studio set up and teaches you the proper techniques for applying makeup for photography and video. With this course you will get a 1-minute tutorial for Instagram in addition to a 15 seconds teaser!
Recommended for: All makeup artists willing to expand their portfolio and know the rules of a magnificent makeup tutorial.

- 1-minute tutorial video
- 15 seconds teaser
- 1 Photo of the look
- Recognize the difference of makeup between real life and high-definition video
- Model’s styling and posing
- Tone and Undertone correction for the camera
- Face sculpture
- How to correct Face shapes on camera
- Advanced contouring and highlighting

- 1 Look which will be practiced and then shot as a tutorial

Course Duration: 1 day
Skill Level: Relevant Beauty Basics course or industry experience.
Price: 3500 USD
Registration Fee/Down payment 50% of the course price: 1750 USD
If this course has been taken as an ADD ON another course it will be charged for 2000 USD

- No upper age limit
- Fair level of English, French or Arabic required
- Interpreter if English, French or Arabic level is not sufficient
- Relevant Beauty Basics course or industry experience
The academy will be providing all the tools and makeup products in addition to the studio and equipment and professional models. After the course you will get your portfolio with your models picture before and after, 15 seconds teaser, and a 1-minute tutorial for IG!

Course Duration: 1 day
Each lesson lasts: 5 hours
Sessions: Noon Slot (10:00 AM – 3:00 PM)

Items included within the Course:
- Free SK Brush Kit
- Free Powder Puffs and Blending Sponges
- 30% Lifetime/Granted renewal Discount code of all SAMER KHOUZAMI products
- 15 sec teaser
- Before and after Picture
- 1-minutes IG tutorial
All shooting material will be sent 3 weeks after the course ends to a given email address

- Discounts from international makeup brands
- Free entry to attend SAMER KHOUZAMI Master Contour in one destination
- Portfolio of your work
- Job opportunities
- Certification signed by Mr. Samer Khouzami

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