Ayesha Fahd
"Everything i wanted to know was well explained, loved it ! I will miss my time here. and the instructor always provided helpful comments." Ayesha Fahd from Pakistan. Instagram account: @xesha.f
Gunjan Aghera
“I wouldn't change anything about the course. Everything is so good.” Gunjan Aghera from India. Instagram account: @gunjanaghera
Farah Abou Faour
 “I took the advanced course to practice the art of makeup. The instructor is an expert. I am very satisfied with the course.” Farah Abou Faour from Lebanon. Instagram account: @Lemon&plum
Azam Safarali
“I attended the course to enhance my talent and creativity. The environment was very professional and I will definitely recommend this course to my colleagues.” Azam Safarali from Iran. Instagram account: @asal.kian5863
Nagham Al Saleh

"The course has been above my expectations, you have included all the important things." Nagham Al Saleh from Lebanon.

Instagram Account: @naghamalsaleh