Pro ArtistWelcome to PRO ARTIST program
Pro artist program by Samer Khouzami is a members-only program for professional make-up artists. It grants you to benefit from a 30% discount across all Samer Khouzami beauty products.

You can apply by filling the form below or email us on

The documentation required is as follows:

One valid photo identification (passport / international driving license)

Two pieces of professional makeup artist criteria from the list below:
  • copy of any makeup certificate you have obtained in the past 2 years.
  • professional business card with a URL link to a professional website or social media account.
  • reference letter from a professional beauty brand detailing artistry position.
  • active professional social media business account (Instagram or Facebook).
  • professional valid license.
*memberships must be renewed on a yearly basis.
*your discount is subject to change and will expire one year from the date of your acceptance.

We will send you a reminder before your membership expires.
Membership renewal may be arranged by email to

Upload your make up certificate(max 2MB)
Upload your Passport Copy(max 2MB)
Upload other required document(max 2MB)